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FOX Business
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
claims that the south carolina law that requires voters to show photo id discriminate against minorities, since there is four weeks remain to election day. that law will not be allowed to go into effect until, however, next year. arguments in the supreme court case today could change affirmative action policies. shannon bream has the report. >> what we want? diversity. >> today, the supreme court was taxed with deciding just how far colleges and universities can go, if at all, when it comes to factoring rates into their admissions decision. abigail fisher said that she didn't get into the university of texas at austin, claiming that let's are qualified minorities were given preference over her simply because she is white. >> i hope that the court rules that as soon as race and ethnicity should not be a part of admission. reporter: as i understand their position, race is balanced against other issues, like socioeconomics, the strength of the classes people tell, it is never a standalone. >> we have made a great deal of progress on our campus and throughout the united states. >> something
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 7:00pm EDT
to be here. lou: law talk about th -- let'sk about the cyberattacks, some view they are a little bit closer to did damage than anyone thought, so far no damage. lasting damage at all. your thoughts? >> well cyberattacks in general have been not only industrial espionage but also, a full-scale assault on the most important of our defense pro pry tear information, so in that sense they have done a lot of attacks, are they trying to operate on the quirketty exchanges with alga rythms to disrupt trading might be another question. lou: it seems that wall street having enough success on its own thank you. using these high frequency trading, highly sophisticated series of programmatic trades, last week, 4% of the volume estimated to have been because of one algorithm carrying out false trades if you will, a scout program on the market, this is getting stupid, is it not? about well, -- >> wall street? >> yeah, the scout program, as you say, a euphemism for an attempt to manipulate equity markets in a particular way with vast amount of trading on a short period of time, 70% is high frequency, it can
FOX Business
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
crossroads, because i want to talk to them more often. >> his name is steven law. he was the ceo of american crossroads, and a very able guy. lou: i got you. until then, if it's all right, we'll just stick with you. is that all right? >> all right. >> in ohio, around the country, we're looking at the wall street journal reporting $150 million raised last month for the obama campaign. we'll told by the romney campaign theirs is going to be impressive, but we don't have any numbers. do you have a sense that the romney campaign is keeping pace with that extraordinary fundraising result for the president's campaign? >> you know, i don't know the numbers, but my suspicion is that that's a very impressive number by president obama, and while he was, in essence, his cash on hand began to dwindle starting in may had he spent all the money on tv, this is going to get way in the weeds, but it's very important. if you're obama or romney, the money that you have in your own campaign treasury is the money most easy to spend with the biggest impact, and you're guaranteed, if you're obama or romney in gett
FOX Business
Oct 13, 2012 4:00am EDT
the laws of masking. >> sure. >> with the vice-president. >> i think that in the end i can give complex answers to these. listen. there is a facts -- >> the question is can you give a good answer? >> and not sure of give one that you agree with but i give you the most hest, i've got. listen. clearly there is a need the part of the administration to be simpatico with the intelligence community on this, and there was some tension created in that debate, doubt aut it. however -- lou: sentence in. >> however, in the end i suspect that most people, including those in the intelligence community in the administration wi recognize this r what it was with the basically this week a piece of political theater underlining and otherwise -- >> go before capitol hill an give testimony on what they knew, when they knew and security was asked for by the consulate. they need more security. the vice-president said does not true. you don't think -- >> i don' think that anybody expects our security at every single embassy and consulate they're around the world is impervious to attack. >> they have marines.
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
by both companies throughout the entire investigation. reporter: because the chinese law allows them to provide access to information they obtain, lawmakers are urging them to stop doing business with them. >> only look at what is at stake and what critical infrastructure we would open up to the very threat of both cyberespionage and potential cyberattack, if her adversary so desires, we can come to no other conclusion. reporter: it has played out against the backdrop against china's misbehavior. >> we will crack down on china, they cheat him to have stolen our jobs, we have brought more trade cases against china in one term than the previous administration did in two. reporter: roger says the investigation also uncovered information that could lead to several criminal charges, including a significant bribery case that will be handed over to the fbi on tuesday. lou: shannon, this is remarkable. this report, the 60 minutes piece last night, it is really a compelling story. but it does look to be peculiar in its timing, given the presidential election as it approaches and the fact that
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)